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Android Smartphones

Google Nexus 4 preview

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Nexus 6 vs HTC One M8 comparison review

We compare Google's exciting new Nexus 6 with the outstanding HTC One M8. What's the best Android phone? Read our Nexus 6 vs HTC One M8 Android phone comparison to find out.

Personal Tech

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs LG G3 comparison review: Double the price isn't worth it

At twice the price, is the Galaxy Note 4 worth splashing out on over the LG G3? Find out in our comparison review.

Personal Tech

iPhone 6 vs iPad mini 3 comparison review

The iPhone 6 has a bigger screen than ever, up to 5.5-inches if you get an iPhone 6 Plus. But the iPad mini comes with a larger 7.9-inch display, and ultra-fast 4G LTE networking giving it most of the functionality of an iPhone. With a serious price gap between the two, it’s not such an easy choice to make. Here we look at whether you should get an iPhone 6 or an iPad mini.


Huawei Honor 6 hands-on review

Huawei continues to try and conquer the smartphone market and the Honor 6 might be the boost it needs with specs to rival Apple and Samsung flagships at half the price. Here's our Honor 6 hands-on review from Berlin.

Personal Tech

Sony Xperia Z3 vs HTC One M8 comparison review

The Xperia Z3 from Sony is a great handset that has shot straight to the top of our best smartphone and best Android charts. But how does it compare to the already excellent HTC One M8? Read our Sony Xperia Z3 vs HTC One M8 comparison review to find out.


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. . said: ive only seen one review saying it has sd slot id be surprised if it didnt

beatonthedonis said: Is this definite Ive read conflicting reports

. . said: i dont care if they make 128gb version give me 2-4gb external sd ill worry about the rest

. . said: optimus G

. . said: and my business and a few more a few hundred or thousand or million

. . said: who needs 7-10 inch tablet if you can get 60 tv in a holster on your belt no brains man

. . said: optional charging orb ah fuck it

pedant said: Choice character more stupid- need I say more

Kookas said: So do those guys have unlimited data plans that dont cost 40 quid a month a la Full Monty

Buts said: so is your gripe with the phone or uk signal Sounds to me like your upset your not on orangetmobileee rather than having a phone with 32gb storage

Kookas said: Maybe for you Modern fancy-graphics games can take upwards of 2GB Also my music library is 65 GB and from what I can tell thats pretty small Thats at least 85GB used for me as a bare minimum Factor in the 3GB of the OS and you can see it is a problem I have a Galaxy Nexus 16GB at the moment and I only have 15GB free with absolutely no movies or anything - half goes to my music 13GB to pictures and video and 13 to apps even though I dont have any of the latest games on there just a few time killer type games like PhotonThe cloud isnt an option in a country where you dont have unlimited 4G such as my home the UK - in fact many of us Europeans have neither unlimited data nor LTE and data caps in the UK top out at 1GB

Kookas said: Give it four months a 32GB N4 is inevitable

Kookas said: Though that is A solution and probably what well just have to make do with if we want a fantastic phone like this it is a terrible solution Wheres the convergence I dont want to have to care for a USB stick and an OTG adapter Personally Im waiting it out to see if Googles going to pull a Nexus 7 on this thing

Jason Conort said: So can not wait to get this phone its beyond what I had hoped for

usman said: i love u google

jigsaw24 said: 16GB is more than enough for music and apps and games Why would you wanna watch movies on the phone get a 7-10 inch tablet

solai said: I was looking for a smart phone without contract or data plan and this is going to work for me I am mostly by a wifi and dont need data plan I am getting it

Dalbir_Singh said: Yeah but you need an adapter Theyre pretty cheap on eBay

beatonthedonis said: Well if limited storage is your beef and youre looking at the top end your choices are pretty much limited to the Galaxy S3 or LG Optimus 4x HD

calin said: yes i think so to google wil be devastated but i think the man has a logical choise he wants a stupider phone to match his caracter

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