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Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 comparison review

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The two rival firms will see their flagship smartphones go head to head once the iPhone 5 arrives on September 21.

Before we get any further, this article will look at the specifications of the Galaxy S III compared to that of the iPhone 5 so you can see what the differences are. We won't be deciding on a winner.

Take a look at the following two articles for more details on each handset.

Samsung Galaxy S III review

Apple iPhone 5 review

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 - Dimensions

The Galaxy S3 measures in at 71mm x 137mm x 8.6mm and 133g. The iPhone 4S, is thicker and heavier than the Galaxy S3 but Apple has outdone Samsung with the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is 59mm x 124mm x 7.6mm and 112g, according to Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 - Screen

The Galaxy S3 has a 4.8-inch display and while every single iPhone in the past has had a comparatively tiny 3.5-inch one, the iPhone 5 has a 4in display.

Apple has increased the screen size and also the resolution to 640 x 1136, retaining the Retina quality pixel density of 326ppi. Samsung's Galaxy S III has a slightly lower but respectable pixel density of 306ppi from its 720 x 1280 resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 - Processor

Samsung uses its own Exynos 4 Quad chip for the Galaxy S III which is unsurprisingly quad-core. It's clocked at 1.4GHz and is based on the ARM Cortex A9 architecture.

As expected the iPhone 5 has an A6 processor which Apple says is twice as fast as the A5 chip found in the iPhone 4S, including graphics performance. Apple hasn't revealed any technical specifications for the A6 so it's hard to compare with the Galaxy S III's. It is believed that the A6 is dual-core.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 - Storage

Both the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 come with three storage options, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. Samsung does, however, include a microSD card slot for expansion (up to a further 64GB) which Apple does not.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 - Cameras

The Galaxy S III has a rear facing camera rated at 8Mp with the ability to record video in full HD 1080p quality which Apple matches with the iPhone 5's rear iSight camera, although each has different software features.

Both front cameras on the smartphones can record HD video at 30fps but the Galaxy S III's has a slightly higher rating at 1.9Mp compared to 1.2Mp.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs Apple iPhone 5 - Software

Apple’s iPhone runs its own iOS software while Samsung’s Galaxy S III uses Google’s Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and a TouchWiz overlay.

Samsung will be updating the S III to the latest version of Android, 4.1 Jelly Bean while Apple's iPhone 5 comes pre-loaded with iOS 6.


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Smarter Than You said: Your comment would carry greater weight if you were capable of proper punctuation and correct spelling Typical Apple user Style over substance suits you best

direreiewer said: How does this reviewer have a job Presumably you get paid for giving an opinion which you have totally ducked here Please get fired soon and make way for someone with some stones

Dog09 said: Yes it is and since uou will be seeing it on a bigger screen the quality will appear the same anyway

dtm said: had iphone 4 now have s3iphone dont let you use your data eg tunes pics as you want cant send stuff by bluetooth to friendscant bt to photo printerscant use music as ringtoneshasnt got proper radiominor irritations in a good phone but enough to put me off ip5plus speaker went and apple would only replace phone not mend itand it would cost 170

Freddiewit said: Samsung for Wanna bes I was just passing by but you stepped right into my trapApple iPhone is for those that never knew anything about phones until the iPhone 3 arrived Check every addition of iPhones its existed long before iPhones Video calling had been on the simple 3 Network phones let alone the Nokia N95 years before even the iPhone 3 The siri for example is a copy on the Samsung Galaxy S2 voice command which came out about 6 months before the iPhone 4sWhats funnier A guy was getting a comedy mp3 with his 80 Samsung Galaxy Europa over bluetooth and an iPhone user wanted the same file How do we give him Put it on iTunes Store for him to buy or go through the stress of adding it to iTunes for him to transfer You cannot change your iPhone battery without giving a mobile phone repairer that will need to unscrew the screwed Why the stress bondage and exploitation after paying a fortune that you could have saved towards your future mortgageYou pretended to be objective but youre not just another iPhone zombie locked away in Apples hypnotism

jpv family said: Ah yes number 4 just shows your maturity and sophistication Bravo

annoyinglyhonest said: 1Notices how the un educated - probably because a majority of these comments are most likely made by teenies trying to make a statement which is obvious Samsung Apple you cannot really slate either it is a matter of personal choice It always fascinates me how people make sweeping comments that they dont understand Apologies for picking your comment to reply too but its nothing personal to you just so you know 2 It seems its always about the camera and the stupid extra feature it can do that is pointless and never used or the duh operational aspect of some stupid content I mean its a phone that provides features for people who have choices if each phone did the same thing then what is the point of having choices Also Apple are innovative yes I agree there is some mighty dictatorship syndrome with them and world arrogance but they do make great platforms etc and do try to challenge rightly or wrongly samsung like many others makers of kettles to talking teacups and sharp looking tvs that are rubbish and breakdown a lot - are not So I guess go buy copy cat tech but you cannot argue that Apple as not been a true pioneer not a follower copycat always scratching their saids saying why didnt we think of that with our lame copycat get rich quick pay our law suits later company 3 So yes I prefer apple as they are proven and innovative but I do not mind if others prefer samsung who in my opinion are focused on the younger wannabe markets the type that like to broadcast their lack of life through certain content and that do not have real clue on reality but think they do because TVInternet says its all glamorous ah yes then the sung market is definately for you and will stay Otherwise - Apple at least aim to all categories with absolution clarity and mature intelligence hence where you have the social demographic mental age gap and ability to grasp all that is well intelligent and yes I could go on technically and speak corporate blurb but I am sure my comments will infuriate the un-intellegent and other certain social readerssamsung below to average bod Apple switched on sophisticated and intelligent bod4Copycat firms should maybe reconsider not having to generate vast amounts of their working capital from all their product ranges so they can survive from the constant fineslegal pursuances - week in week out if you think its all about Apple then you too see a shrink and oh you fall into the below to average at best category 4 Thank you for reading have a nice day samsungovers and have an even greater day Appleites -

noname said: i have the 4 and 5 both are jailbroken and allow me to do anything with them no restrictions samsung good phone but i just prefer iphone

Gover Slage said: but the Galaxy S IIIs has a slightly higher rating at 19Mp compared to 12MpSLIGHTLY higher 58 is slightly

jimmraz said: Owners of Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII smartphones may want to take care when opening web links received via QR NFC or push messages after a security researcher showed that the handsets arevulnerable to being remotely wipedRavi Borgaonkar a researcher in the Security in Communications department at Technical University Berlin demonstrated the weakness last weekGood luck Apple bashers with your sumdung phones watch out for those wipe links Booo

Marianne Cottee said: iPhone 5S or Samsung3S

Marianne Cottee said: ok I have loved BB and have the 9800 Torch It does what I want but I NEED more speed Also love the iPad and am prepared to buy outright one of these as it works out cheaper than paying 27pcmfor 24 months My server says theyll give me the bundle data FOC The Samsung3S has the better writeups and I know Apple havehad issues re maps They also dont use widgets the that tells you you have a message whether on FB text or email or other I am sorely tempted to go now for the S3 and an iPad Convince me otherwise - anyone

Adam. said: ridiculous review and stupid comparisons where is the inevitable battery comparison Galaxy S3 - 2400Mah - iphone4s 1340mah iphone5 1350maheach section doesnt say which is better keep track of scroes iphone5 technology is comparable to the s2 not the s3 even more so with the ios6 update which uses i mean obviously invented first before android features

taz said: S3 all the way Iphone is for losers

ShawnM said: 1 Samsung S3 has always been the best Apple IP5 is just like a fake chinese IP42 With all these restrictions on a simple phone Apple is bound to go down the drain sooner or later Users want freedom of use not sheepish censorship3 Sony did the same thing years ago and although they sold units and broke records they went straight down the drain Apple will follow in a year or 24 You can wait a couple of years more to say that IDIOT word when Apple goes down

John s said: Haha Idiot

sam s said: This is not a good review The verdict says it allIMO Samsung S3 beats the iphone 5 hands down

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